Environmental impact

Agregatas innovates, develops, and delivers solutions which utilize natural resources and raw materials efficiently, reduce energy and water consumption, produce less waste and emissions, as well as minimize the plant’s lifetime operating costs. Through our vast experience, we have the ability to tailor processes for different raw materials, test and scale up, and develop new processes for complex raw materials.

Product safety

We ensure that all products engineered and delivered by Agregatas are reliable and meet all applied safety standards during all phases of the life cycle. The equipment fulfill the safety related industrial standards for the safety of machinery.
We provide information to our customers about the impacts of our products and services (e.g. their energy consumption, emissions, metal recovery, and water usage) and safety information according to industry standards. In industrial processes, safety is an integrated part of the operational manuals. Agregatas manuals cover the entire delivery and contain information on maintenance. In addition, customers are offered maintenance as a service package.

We also provide training services to our customers, including safety training.